“Marketing is not a function, it is the whole business from the customer’s point of view. Concern and responsibility for marketing must therefore permeate all areas of the enterprise.” — Peter Drucker

Accelerated growth. It’s what every company wants, isn’t it?

Driving growth, especially for marketers, is a metric that counts the most: the growth of a brand, growth of value creation, growth of a business. And along the way you build, unbuild and rebuild collaboration to deliver multi-stakeholder and multi-channel integrated product and band narrative.

As the concept of brand and marketing is less specific and more distributed than…

We have asked leaders from tech companies, startups and a new generation of SMEs: What does make you stressed today; What are your problems, worries, aspirations, fears about the future; How does this show up in your life; What prevented you from solving a problem; Where did you get stuck and why; What solution would you wish to have?

What kind of changemaker do you want to become?

Hult International Business School London

Last week, I had my lectures with students, the leaders of tomorrow, at Hult International Business School London. They are changemakers, trailblazers for sustainability, innovators, and fearless entrepreneurs. To help them get in the future-proof mindset, to stay curious, and to ask disruptive questions, I took them through the ever-changing world of today, unusual management elements to drive change, mindset shifts approach, and supporting tools. I was immersed in a global environment of more than a dozen nationalities represented in classrooms, and I’ve also learned from students and fellow professors.

The challenges students face in today’s world of many uncertainties…

It was my first time at Davos and here are some highlights which could find a way to guide and grow our industry.

Definitely, those were days of conversations with a much more diverse group of people than most expect and a foremost creative force of various agendas and fringes. With topics like how next-generation technology will introduce new possibilities, how collaborative leadership is a key to sustainable solutions, and how we can tackle issues such as the growing skills and global enforcement gap.

“The purpos of a company is not only to serve its shareholders, but socitey at large…

In recent years many advertising agencies have worked to change their business processes or even business models for the benefit of growth and efficiency. And in the end, so few of them apply a bit of attention to innovation that is equally or even more important: management innovation.

Creative firms today struggle with the challenge of competing against more resilient creative hot shops or nimble consultancy firms. Trying to transform existing practices using old approaches to management leaves creative firms definitely behind the curve. …

The business creativity workshop in Toronto

It is the right time for advertising agencies and brands to rethink business creativity as a significant part of the transformation and new business models, not only to survive but to thrive. We all can agree: there is no business transformation if we do not transform ourselves, bring creativity from the creative department to each and every part of the organization.

Since 90-ties management education was exclusively in business schools and for corporations. …

Gasan-dong, Korea’s Digital Valley

I had the chance to visit Gasan-dong where I spent time with a client exploring how to elevate business creativity to solve problems with a human-centered approach and how to manage change through management innovation. I thought it would be useful to summarize this workshop in a few hands-on approaches to business creativity and management innovation.

More or less everybody agrees that in the competitive world, business creativity is essential to success. Yet so many organizations hinder creativity by not giving their people tools and leads they need to be truly creative.

Just to start with this one: managers should…

I’m writing this after an incredible month in Zurich, where I spent time with different clients exploring the roles leaders and managers play in coping with change and managing the company of the future. Totally one of those months that’s left me feeling overwhelmed doing the work where I can do my best and at the same time doing the job I love.

Because I’m feeling so energized after the last weeks, I thought it’d be neat to summarize what we talked about. …

The ideas we’ve heard and the work we’ve seen awarded last week should mark the start of something new for the year that follows. In two arrangements and four words: collaboration & conversation, creativity & business.

Creativity & business aren’t divided. Creativity solves problems, gives a competitive edge, makes people think and do differently. Fresh thinking from diverse talents helps brands get through to consumers, create meaningful messages and, ultimately, boost profits.

We’ve heard from fantastic speakers ideas that will set the tone for the year ahead. We’ve been part of the career-changing moment when campaigns become winning creative. …

Creativity in business has become increasingly important for business results, success, and sustainability. As organizations seek to foster creativity and innovation to solve problems, it is unquestionable that ideation has become a source of impactful competitive advantage.

Creativity and innovation are matrix and multi-structured phenomena that thrive over time, and that requires skillful leadership, new skills, and methods, in order to maximize the benefits of new possibilities and improved ways of working. So, we can say that creativity and innovation are the business hack to face down many problems we have.

In the last decades, design thinking was what was…

Andrea Rubik

Andrea is in the business of marketing, working at the intersection of organizational narrative and business growth. #tech #SaaS #startups #marketing #growth

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