My takeaways from judging at Young Lions Croatia 2019

Andrea Rubik
2 min readApr 10, 2019


Photo credit: PIXSELL

With digital transformation and new technologies, many are crying over those days of enjoyment are over. But I see that the future of the industry is just different and very exciting. Young Lions Croatia brought together not only an amazing group of young talents, but it also celebrated the force for good that advertising can do specifically for Croatia. You have to be a pessimist not to welcome the positive impact of this celebration.

Definitely, Young Lions Croatia jury work was an inspiring conversation among exceptional advertising professionals. Every jury member had a great experience by finding and assigning roles within the jury. And each of us gave his contribution to a jury and was on his best non-autocratic behavior.

Young professionals are optimism for the industry

Most of us live in the constant anxiety of an uncertain future. We are constantly undermining the peace of mind and instill a sense of a future under threat. Whatever your feelings on the pace of change are, one thing is certain — a new generation of young professionals has a keen appetite for whatever is next and optimism reflected in its building a better tomorrow.

In advertising, competition means learning

Awards are an expensive and time-consuming aspect of our business, but young professionals are wrong to stay away. It is a great opportunity to become a better professional and to connect with peers. It really is the quality of the work, dedication of participants, and craft of an entry that makes you win the Young Lions award.

The advertising industry has core value which starts with creativity

Young Lions Croatia award is a great reminder that our industry has meaning because it is creativity that drives innovation. Most industries do not have festivals because they are driven by forces much less exciting and more predictable than creativity. For all the flaws of the advertising industry, let us not be apologetic to have a place and time to celebrate its core: creativity.



Andrea Rubik

Marketing Executive | Applied Scientist | Co-Founder at Resyfy