Leadership Tactics for Advertising Agencies

Unlike other types of organizations, advertising agencies sell creativity, knowledge, and expertise. This means that they have different needs and face different challenges. If you are a leader in the advertising industry, it can be difficult to balance creativity, high productivity of different professional services, and the ‘problem of more’.

In the world of today agencies’ operating ecosystem is changed, client’s expectations are changing, and a new approach to managing an agency is inevitable.

Leaders in the advertising industry should employ few tactics for success:

  1. _ acknowledge that change is extensive, rapid and constant.
  2. _ understand that agency must change.
  3. _ test determination to drive change forward.
  4. _ strategically identify anchors who can help change mission.
  5. _ give more responsibility to practitioners who believe in change and let them own it.

Last, but not least, focus on creating values. As an agency or creative enterprise, there’s no greater accomplishment than providing a service that clients feel will make their business better.

If you find these points useful, make sure to check out the sequel with more tactics and CollaborativeExpertise.com helps organizations and advertising agencies to build revenue and relevance by reframing the ‘problem of more’ and strategy lackluster, managing change and digital transformation, sustaining creativity within an organization, and driving innovation on dozens of smaller fast-moving fronts.

Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com on March 6, 2018.



Marketing and business executive with PhD in Business Economics, marketing advisor AndreaRubik.ch, co-founder Resyfy.com

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