If your business isn’t growing, nothing else matters

Andrea Rubik
2 min readSep 3, 2021

List of growth hacking tools

growth marketing

The key to understanding growth is your knowledge of your product and your work framework. A fundamental understanding of your product and, especially, what are the key reasons people use it. It’s easy to be confused about what value looks like and, as a byproduct, conflate causation and correlation: motivations and root causes versus byproducts and outcomes. Knowing your product value allows you to design the necessary experiments to isolate cause and effect properly. Knowing this allowed you to get new users to their aha-moment quickly. However, this required you to learn what the aha-moment was with a fair amount of certainty in the first place.

Great things are simple. Having a framework for growth allows you to prioritize your work, design experiments, build products, and so on. It also allows everyone to understand it and see how made decisions logically and in a transparent way.

Growth hacking tools

There are hundreds of growth marketing tools, but you should know these are the most important.

We share our list of growth marketing tools that we will use in 2021 or advise our clients. These tools will give you new opportunities in your sales and marketing and make your work a lot easier.

Get access to the list of growth hacking tools via this link.

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