Are you ready to unfold new dimensions of innovation?

Andrea Rubik
3 min readSep 8, 2020

We have asked leaders from tech companies, startups, and a new generation of SMEs: What makes you stressed today; What are your problems, worries, aspirations, and fears about the future; How does this show up in your life; What prevented you from solving a problem; Where did you get stuck and why; What solution would you wish to have?

Many leaders and entrepreneurs struggle with the challenges of change, and virtually all of us have to embrace uncertainty. And you feel that you can not afford to carve out the time that it takes to set a more resilient organization and build a strategic path to it. It seems unworkable to overestimate the gravity of uncertainty:

  • You miss out on the potential of what could have been — your capabilities are limited by an abundance of information, technology, and competition, and you rely on and repeat past decisions.
  • You grasp to understand strategic drivers for the new world, future of work — how this reflects on your business and how to respond effectively.
  • You struggle with old marketing strategies — still building competitive advantage as it used to be and perceiving innovations only in a disruptive way.
  • You do not use marketing as a strategy and as an innovation-driving engine that builds strategic and organizational resilience.
  • You are tired of old business structures and frustrated by highly engaged employees not delivering innovative performance.

In response to new challenges facing businesses and individuals in 2020, my team and I have designed Ignite Programs to help you and your company to unlock your business's true potential.

What can be changed can be enhanced!

Marketing is an innovation-driving engine

You want to make a leap from challenges to opportunities, from limitations to growth, to emerge from a difficult time with an organization and people who are stronger and more resilient than they were before. You are responsible for preparing your organization for future success, leading a team in the new world, and lifting those around you no matter which gen they are. Ignite programs are designed for you to unlock your business's true potential!

Ignite 1: Marketing as a strategy

We build on brand foundations to create a narrative for strategy and business that is highly responsive to change and market possibilities, with the capacity to pivot quickly when circumstances require it. The program provides you with frameworks and tools so you can leverage opportunities in future markets and make smart choices about the scope of business activities in times of uncertainty. We will empower you with clarity, direction, and innovation to unfold your business's true potential.

Ignite 2: Marketing as innovation driving engine

We build on marketing as an innovation-driving engine to create strategic and organizational resilience for growth in a fast-changing world. You will take on board the power of your organization's potential and use your resources as your best acquisition channel. You will create a resilient mindset to embed into your strategic thinking and set up an actionable plan to work with your internal superpowers and create north-star thinking. We will unfold new dimensions of innovations and unleash your business's true potential.



Andrea Rubik

Marketing Leader | Co-Founder at Resyfy | President of Women in Digital Switzerland