Exploring business growth with a marketing mindset

Andrea Rubik
3 min readOct 29, 2021


business growth with a marketing mindset

All growth is not designed equal. The key to understanding growth is your deep-dive knowledge of your product and your organization.

A fundamental understanding of your product and, specifically, what the key reasons people use it are. It’s easy to be confused about what actual value looks like and, as a byproduct, conflate causation and correlation. Knowing your product value allows you to design the experiments necessary to isolate cause and effect properly. Knowing that will enable you to get new customers to their “aha” moment quickly. However, this requires knowing what the “aha” moment is with a reasonable amount of certainty in the first place.

What is growth marketing?

Many marketers refer to themselves as growth marketers, but what does that term even mean? It’s an approach to attracting, engaging, and retaining customers that’s focused on relentless experimentation and an intense focus on the unique, changing motives and preferences of your customers. By building and delivering highly tailored, individualized messaging aligned to your customer’s needs, you rapidly optimize your organization’s growth through a multitude of channels, especially those that matter most to your customers. Let’s take a deeper look at what it means to be a growth marketer and highlight some collaborative opportunities for a growth marketing team to optimize the user experience.

The Growth Hacking phenomenon

The Growth Hacking phenomenon

Growth hacking grew from a novelty niche to an established practice popular with ambitious companies of all shapes and sizes, from agile startups to large organizations that want to shake up traditional industries. With its unique mix of creative problem-solving and actions based on data, growth hacking is a way to simplify the complexities of attracting and retaining customers.

No matter if you’re still searching for product-market fit, getting ready to expand in a new market, or trying to counteract stalling growth, you can establish a growth strategy — data-driven, content-powered, and ROI-focused campaigns.

How to embrace constant change in growth

Change is decisive for a company and is the foundation for its strategy and growth. Yet, humans resist change by nature because adapting can be complex, and it’s usually much work. We like to think of things as done to check them off our to-do list and move on to the next thing.

The mentality of ‘done’ is the exact opposite of the mindset of high-performance growth teams. Change is constant. Change is difficult. Not adapting to change is fatal.

Any great growth team is ready for and responsive to change, agile, and constantly adapting. But, a stellar growth team goes beyond adapting and truly embracing change, building your team and the process around it.

The Brief Guide To Growth Marketing

The Brief Guide To Growth Marketing eBook

We covered all basics and resources and created a simple knowledge framework for growth. Learning this framework allows you to prioritize your work, design experiments, and build products. It also allows everyone to understand it and make decisions logically and transparently.

The book will help you and your business understand growth opportunities. It serves up a set of ideas, suggestions, and lessons from across the entire growth marketing spectrum. It features examples from diverse startups, tech, and SaaS companies and outlines tested advice for anyone working in product, marketing, and sales. Done right, a stellar effort around growth puts companies into hyperdrive.

Download your Growth Marketing eBook here.



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